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Monday, 13 August 2018

How to Make Money Piggy Backing On a WSO

No doubt you've heard of Warrior Special Offers and even purchased a few (or a few dozen.) If you're not familiar with them, they're special deals you get over at the Warrior Forum on products that are typically Internet Marketing related. If you run your own WSO, you can build a list of subscribers and even make some pretty good money if your WSO catches the attention of enough Warriors and especially the attention of affiliates.

But to run a WSO you've got to have your own unique, original product, which isn't always so easy to do. One alternative is what I call “Piggy Backing” on a hot WSO to both earn affiliate commissions and to build your list. Here's how it works:

First, you need to use the Warrior+Plus Affiliate System. You can sign up at

Now then, search through the available offers to promote. You want one that is fresh so that there's plenty of people who haven't purchased it yet. It needs to be converting well – look at the conversion column and find something converting at a minimum of 10%. Sometimes you find them all the way up to 30% or more.

It should also pay a good commission. 50% is about the minimum these days, and you might find one you like that's paying 75% or even 100%. Mind you, it's better to have one paying at 50% and converting 30% of traffic into buyers than it is to have one that is paying 100% but only converting 10% of traffic into buyers. If the products each sold for $10, for example, the one at 50% would pay you approx $150 for each 100 buyers you sent, versus the one paying you 100% and converting at 10% would only pay you $100. So you've got to factor in these various elements to choose the one you want.

Find several possibles, look at their sales pages, and choose the one that has a topic that interests you and that you know something about. Request to become an affiliate, and while you're waiting to get approved you'll want to buy the product and dive right into it.

What you're going to do is create your own quickie product that goes along nicely with this product. Your product should complement the WSO product without giving away too many of the techniques and strategies outlined in the WSO.

Create the product using whatever quick product creation technique you like – writing a quick report, making a video, whatever. This isn't a full blown product you're creating, so a 10 page report or a 10 minute video will work fine.

What you're going to do is create your own WSO to give away your product for free in exchange for an email address.

This will let you build your list for long-term profit. And you already know that this is a hot topic from the research you did finding a product to promote.

Not only are you going to build your list, with a little luck you're also going to make some money, as well. It does cost $40 to run a WSO, so what you're going to do is place an ad for the WSO you're promoting at the top and bottom of the report, along with your affiliate link. If you're doing a video, add in a short PDF that includes the advertisement, or place your short redirect URL at the beginning and end of the video and refer them to it.

Use a title for your product that incorporates the name of the product you're piggy backing, like this: 7 Ways to Maximize “x” or 4.5 Things You Need To Know About “x”

Set up a new autoresponder list to capture the names and email addresses of people who get your free product, and then set up your free WSO. Mind you, since your WSO is free you're not going to need long sales copy. Short, punchy and to the point copy will work like a charm.

Choose a catchy title for your WSO because this is what is going to catch the Warriors' attention and get them to click on it. Be sure to incorporate the words, “Free WSO either at the beginning or end of the title.

Set up your system so that when a person double-opts into your list, they are immediately directed to a page that presells them on the WSO, again with your affiliate link. Some people will go straight to the WSO you're promoting from your page, and others will go there from the affiliate link in your product.

One more step – in your signature line on the Warrior forum you'll want to promote your free WSO. Just write 2 or 3 lines that entice people to click, and then make relevant posts around the Warrior Forum, outside of the WSO area (Sig lines no longer show in the WSO area.)

There you have it – a fairly easy way to grab new subscribers and buyers, and also make some extra money.

BONUS METHOD - There is one more tactic you might use – and that is to offer your free product to the WSO owner. If there's one thing that smart marketers like to do, it's over deliver. The WSO owner can email his list of brand new buyers and tell them he has a special bonus and send them to your opt-in page. Some WSO owners will do this, others won't – it doesn't hurt to ask.

A second option is to actually give the report or video you made to them to add to their product package, placing your own special offer inside that they can then opt into, such as another free report or video.

Remember, even though you're giving the report away for free, you're still growing your list of BUYERS – and as you already know, 1 buyer is worth 10 – 50 freebie seekers!

Sunday, 12 August 2018

The One Thing Only 1% of People Do | TRY IT FOR 21 DAYS and Success Will...

Why do most people fail? Why are 99% of people not willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true? When you understand this you can join that 1% too

Saturday, 11 August 2018

3 Dumb Lies About Internet Marketing

If you're having trouble making this whole online marketing thing work for you, it could be because you've bought into one or more of these lies.

And before you can make progress, you've got to bust out of this way of thinking and get back on track.

Lie #1

You haven't succeeded because you don't know the SECRET or you don't have the MAGIC BEANS.

You've seen the headlines, you've read the copy, and you've watched it in videos. If ONLY you knew what the big marketer knew, THEN you would be a success. If ONLY you had their piece of software or their e-course, THEN you'd be a millionaire.

The truth? If you're getting distracted by lies like this, then it's no wonder why you haven't succeeded yet. There is no one big secret, magic pill or instant cash software. Attaining success is a series of small, continuous steps that lead to the goal you have in mind. And if you're constantly being pulled off the path, then it's no wonder you're having trouble reaching your destination.

Lie #2

You haven't succeeded because you don't own the push-button shortcut.

Folks, there are no push-button shortcuts. Making money online is a series of small, continuous steps that lead to your goal. (Now where have I read that before?) And if you're getting distracted by the latest, greatest gizmo, then you're moving backwards, not forwards. You're spending your money and you're wasting your time, when you need to be investing both your time and money on moving ever closer to where you need to be.

Next time you see a sales letter for the secret to end all secrets, the magic formula to success, or the push-button shortcut that will make your bank account explode, ask yourself – will this get me closer to my goal, or will it get me distracted?

And one more thing – what is it about these copywriters who want to “Explode Your Bank Account?” I don't know about your bank, but my bank HATES anything that explodes and tends to greatly discourage that kind of thing. ;-) Maybe it would be better to simply grow our bank account at a steady rate, instead.

Lie #3

You can easily and quickly attain the “Internet Lifestyle.”

What the heck is an Internet Lifestyle? According to sales letters, it's kicking back, doing nothing and watching the armored car roll up to your beachfront mansion.

Or it's pressing 4 keys on your keyboard and again, watching your bank account explode.

Folks, even when you become ultra successful, Internet Marketing is STILL work. Unless of course you hire a staff to handle everything for you, in which case who is going to monitor the staff to see they don't run off with the business? A manager? Okay, who's going to monitor the manager? And who's going to steer your IM ship and keep it on course?

The fact is, you've got to be realistic and understand for your own benefit that Internet Marketing is hard work, and it's hardest of all when you first get started. There's a lot to learn and even more to do, and until you take action and get to work, nothing is going to happen.

And that's not to say you've got to work 12 hours a day. But you do have to work smart, and you do have to work.

One more thing: If you ever find that magic combination of 4 keys that makes you Bill Gates rich, please let me know.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Thursday, 9 August 2018

4 Ways To Create Products Super Fast

Almost nothing is better than having your own product because you not only keep 100% of the sale price with you sell it – you can also get affiliates to sell it for you, thus simultaneously building your list and bank account through the efforts of others.

And then there's the Warrior Forum – get WSO of the Day and you could see your list of buyers swell by a couple of thousand or more.

So how do you crank out products quickly and easily that people are hungry to buy? I've compiled a list of proven methods – and none of these should take you longer than 7 days, with most taking only a few hours.

Interview an Expert. This is a super fast and easy way to create a product, and you don't need to have any expertise of your own. Instead you're “borrowing” the subject's knowledge and packaging it into a product.

So where do you find these experts?

ñ  Search Amazon for authors in your niche – authors are often eager for the chance to share their knowledge and plug their latest book, and so they're open to being interviewed. And on Amazon you can find an author on just about any niche topic you want to pursue.

ñ  If you're in the IM niche, search the Warrior Forum for knowledgeable marketers. WSO Pro will show you who has WSO's that are selling well. Also consider interviewing the Warriors who get WSO of the Day. To get WSO of the Day they have to pass stringent criteria, thus they tend to stand apart from the crowd of product creators on the Forum.

ñ  Look for authors on Clickbank. Clickbank is broken into niches so it's easy to search. Choose your niche and look at the gravity of each product within that niche to find something with a high gravity (100+). This means that the product is selling well, and this might be a good person to interview.

ñ  Do case studies. This is a bit different because instead of interviewing your subject on his expertise, you're asking specifically how s/he did one particular thing. For example, interviewing someone with a best selling WSO or who received WSO of the day on how they put their product together and how they achieved their success.

Use What You Know by Recording Your Own Tips and Tricks. You may not think you have skills that others want to learn, but odds are you do. Maybe you know how to write a great blog post in 10 minutes, or how to lose 50 pounds in 3 months, or how to swap out the engine on a '57 Chevy.

You can either turn this knowledge into a report or ebook, or record it as videos or audios. Once you start breaking down what you do step-by-step, you might be surprised at how much you know. And if there's a market for what you know, you've got yourself a viable product.

Don't ever discount your own knowledge. If you're in the IM niche, for example, and you've only been working in it for six months, you still know things that people who are just starting out don't know, and those things can be turned into your own unique product. You don't have to be the foremost expert in a niche – you can simply have more knowledge than the customers you'll be targeting.

Turn Your Existing Content into New Products. Have you written a bunch of articles and blog posts? Maybe you've got enough there to create your own book. Do you have videos that you've made, audios, etc? Can you package this content into a product? Repurposing your own content is a great way to make a completely self-created product very quickly.

Co-Create a Product with Someone Else. Team up with someone who has the skills you don't and vice versa. Perhaps you're a good writer and they have the knowledge, or you have the personality to make the videos and they have the background in the niche. Decide in the beginning what needs to be done and who will do what, and the deadline for completion.

The benefits here are two-fold: First, two heads and two sets of experience are better than one. And second, by working as a team you are accountable to each other, and the product is likely to get created quite quickly with no procrastination or stalling getting in the way.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

In this business your reputation is EVERYTHING

Folks, in this business your reputation is EVERYTHING. If you don't want to get shut down by Paypal or your merchant account, if you want to be in business a year from now (or even a month from now) you've got to cut the crap and simply tell it like it is.

Yes, you still sell. But you use the TRUTH to sell. And if you have a great product that people want and a great offer, then you really don't need to do that much selling anyway.

Every time you're about to do anything in your business, ask yourself: What will this do to my reputation? Enhance it or hurt it? If it can hurt your reputation in ANY way, then just say NO.

Here's an example: The other day a marketer (who shall remain nameless) launched a new 20 page triple spaced PDF on how to make quick money online. So far so good, right? (Actually, the report was 29 pages, but the other 9 pages were pleas for testimonials and a sales letter for an upsell. And the sales letter was at the beginning of the report AND at the end of the report.)

This marketer has put out other products on the Warrior Forum and received pretty good feedback. In fact, he's built something of a reputation for himself, so much so that the moment this WSO launched people on his list were buying it without even reading the sales letter.

But guess what? This WSO was a flop – and in fact one of the techniques he recommended would get you BANNED from the Warrior Forum if you tried to use it. (He's since removed that technique.)

The other techniques were about as basic as telling you that if you want to live, you should breathe. I mean it's stuff that anyone who's been in Internet Marketing longer than 5 minutes already knows. And one of the techniques isn't even useful anymore since Google's latest updates. But hey, who cares, he's making his money, right?

So what happened? During the first few minutes of his launch one person after another wrote things like, “Whatever this guy puts out is gold – get this!”

Then those who purchased read the report. It only takes about 10 minutes to read because it's a few pages of big font with widely spaced lines.

So next you see comments like, “I'm really disappointed,” and “Why don't you give refunds?” and so forth.

He started taking one hit after another, and now his reputation with those buyers is shot.

Think about that – he worked for months to build his reputation, only to have it torn to shreds in one day.

Think before you act. The world really is watching you.